We encourage the use of herbal therapies for hair treatments for general wellness, scalp health and strong, healthy and youthful hair. Other salon treatments are added on to ensure you have a complete salon experience.

Scalp Plus + Follicle Treatment for Hair Growth

Price from RM210 | Time: 120’


This scalp treatment uses a blend of ginkgo biloba and essential oils that are massaged into the scalp. The treatment is extremely relaxing. It rejuvenates the scalp by nourishing from roots to hair end. For itchy scalps, we further add tea tree oil providing instant relief, encouraging hair growth and stimulating dandruff-free, healthy hair.

Henna Treatment

Prices from RM195 – RM350 * | Time:  90’


Herbal henna is used to cover grey and white hair. It is also a great scalp-cleansing agent for healthier, stronger roots.

Henna & Hair Growth Treatment

Price from RM266

This scalp treatment is a mixture of special herbs blended with our henna colouring powder for an extra boost of nutrients to the scalp. This treatment also includes an oxygen boost.

Scalp Cleansing & Balancing

Price RM250 – RM360 * | Time: 90’

This treatment is perfect for those suffering from sensitive, itchy scalps due to the effects of over colouring and bleaching.

Organic Colour

Price from RM280 * | Time:  > 2 hrs

Organic Hair Colour by Philip Martin’s has no ammonia, no SLS, no parabens, no PEGs, no propylene glycol and all ingredients are derived from organic farming methods. With over 50 pretty shades to choose from, it is one of our most popular products.

Hair Healing Through Keratin

Price from RM190 * | Time: 2 hrs


A repairing and restructuring hair treatment, commonly known as “Botox for hair.” Acai berries are the active ingredients sealing moisture into hair cuticles and leaving hair smooth and shiny.

Wash & Blow

Price from RM68 * | Time:  45′

There’s nothing like a wash and blow to have you feeling like a million dollars. Straight or curly, short or long, let us take care of you.


Price from RM110 * | Time: > 1 hr

From a simple trim to a completely new look, our experienced stylists listen to what you want and create a style just for you.

Natural Hair Restructuring & Straightening

Price from RM780 * | Time: > 3 hrs

One of the few truly formaldehyde-free hair straightening treatments on the market, this Brazilian anti-frizz treatment uses Amazonian white clay and murumuru oil to create silky-smooth, straight and manageable hair. Zero harmful chemicals mean it’s even suitable for sensitive populations such as mummies-to-be. The effects of this treatment last from three to five months.

Nail Services

From RM75


Our expert manicurist will have you looking groomed with perfectly finished hands and feet. OPI, Bandi, Gelique, Sally Hansen and Memory give you a wide selection of both regular and gel colours.

Brow Microblading

Price from RM1188 | Time: 1 hrs

Our expert and certified beautician will frame your beautiful face by shaping your brow to complement its structure. Effects last between one year to three years depending on skin type and aftercare. A one-month post touch-up is included in the price.

Lash Services

Price: from RM180 | Time: 1 hr

The Elleebana Lash Lifting technique uses a silicon rod to lift lashes to their optimum height. Lashes can also be tinted at the same time reducing the need to apply mascara and lasting for between six to eight weeks.


Price: From RM38 | Time: 10′

Using WaxXXX from the USA, every part of your body can be made comfortably hair-free and smooth.

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